About Us

Hello there!

If you’re visiting this page, you are curious about me or the services I can provide.

First off, as a full time, full service auctioneer, I am fully committed to selling your assets, and maximizing the return to the best of my ability, using skills that I have learned from attending various trainings and seminars.  I am an active member of the National and Ohio Auctioneers Associations, and utilize every bit of training and networking I can, to learn more about the industry, and effective ways of performing my duty to you.  I have attended, Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate designation training, and am currently awaiting to attend year 3 of Certified Auctioneer Institute in march 2019, which is the highest designation an Auctioneer can obtain in the Auction industry.

So, how can I help you….  It’s simple.  Give me a call, drop an email or however you feel like contacting me. Whether you need to sell Real Estate, or settle an estate,  I am your guy.   Through utilizing internet only auction events, to Live Auctions, there is a solution for just about everyone.

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