Real Estate Auctions

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Real estate auctions are quickly becoming a popular way to sell Real Estate.  Although many folks think of auctions as a last resort, I contend they should be considered a viable option, as a first result.  Real Estate auctions are not a good fit for everyone, but continue reading for more details on how a Real Estate Auction is conducted.

In a Real Estate auction, the seller controls the process form start to finish.  You set the sell date, the closing date, and the terms of the auction.  For instance if a house is in need of remedies, (new roof, furnace work, foundation issues, etc) and the seller is not interested in investing in this work, then the contract would state as such, and that no remedies are to be performed by the seller.  This allows you to control the process.  Also you know that you have a close date, and a sell date.  This allows you to plan ahead, as opposed to sticking a sign in the yard and waiting for an offer to come in.

Real Estate auctions are NOT just for depressed properties and trouble either.  A seller can have several motives for selling a property at auction.  Several examples include, rental properties that are occupied which are hard to show, properties that have been acquired by out of state owners though Probate or other means, rental or vacation properties owned by out of state sellers which do not want to make several trips, sellers wanting to move quickly, perhaps for a new job.  There are several reasons to have an auction for Real Estate, and I’d love to talk to you about it over a cup of coffee.

Auction marketing is more aggressive as well.  In a typical real estate transaction, a sign is placed in the yard, the listing is placed in an MLS (multiple listing service) and a few open houses are conducted, to try and snag a buyer.  In the auction method of marketing, a larger custom sign is placed in the yard, various forms of paid advertisements are used to secure buyers for the property, and put them all in the same place, and allow them to compete with each other to achieve a price for the piece of property to be sold.

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