Traditional Real Estate

So you’ve landed on this page, and decided you do not want to do a Real Estate Auction.

You’re in luck, I also offer standard traditional Real Estate Services as well.  Through the brokerage I am a part of Kaufman Realty and Auctions we can list your Real Estate in the traditional manner as well, at competitive rates.  Your Real Property will be listed in Multiple Listing Services though the local Board of Realtors as well as a sign in the yard, open houses, as well as other forms of advertising as agreed upon.

We offer co-op agreements with other brokerages, meaning that we work with other Real Estate Agents in order to sell your home.  This is very common, as Real Estate Agents regularly work with other agents, that are typically already working with qualified buyers.  These are referred to as Buyer’s Agents.  I also work with buyer’s on a limited basis.  Feel free to use the “Contact Us” tab and I’d be glad to discuss all these options with you!