Getting started

There are so many questions to ask when it comes to the decision to have an auction.

Auctions are the fastest, most transparent way to sell a large amount of goods, in a short amount of time.  Though the methods are evolving over the last couple decades, the idea remains the same.  You gather a crowd, whether it be in a gallery, or in several places gathered around computer screens, and several interested parties place bids, to get to a final selling price.

The first step is to have a no charge, no obligation to you consultation, and we can then together, determine the best way to proceed.  The first question is always, “what will this cost me?”  That is a very difficult question to answer over the phone, and depends on various factors that are hard to determine over the phone.  There are multiple ways of charging for an auction, but hiring a Professional Auctioneer will not cost you money, it will make you money.  This sounds cliche, but I can tell countless stories, where a trained eye has found tens of thousands of dollars in assets that were thought to be junk by the client.  Examples, include, a real Rolex watch, countless gold and silver rings, necklaces and broaches, complete sterling silver flatware sets(hidden in a closet), gold coins, countless collectible toys, glassware, antiques and more. In each of these cases, these items were thought to be of little to no value.  In each case, the profit made off these items, more than paid for fees charged by me.  Each of the instances named above, are first hand accounts.  Auctioneers all over the country have similar stories as well.

After the initial consultation, we decide which method is best for you, enter into an agreement, and the magic begins.

The timeline for an auction varies depending on the method.  For a standard household auction, held online only, a typical house can be finished in as little as 3 weeks.  For a live auction event, the timetable take a little longer, depending on how much advertising is needed.  It will typically take about 4-6 weeks to complete a live auction event.